School Profile & Financial Information

Uplift Infinity PreparatoryUplift Infinity crest

(Grades K-10)

1401 S. MacArthur
Irving, TX 75060
School Leadership Team:

  • Priscilla Parhms, Managing Director 
    • Brian Hills, Primary School Director
      • Sarah Hobson, PYP Dean, Kindergarten-2nd
      • Christine Kitchings, PYP Dean, 3rd-5th
  • Anson Jackson, Associate Managing Director
    • Denise Cherington, Middle School Director
      • Zoe Matthew, MYP Dean
      • Ben Richards, Dean of Scholars
  • Rich Harrison, High School Managing Director
    • Mark Forman, High School Lead Dean
      • Hannah Parker, AP/IB Dean


  • Alan Tolleson, Regional Director of Operations
    •  Brent Schoening, Operations Director


Accountability Reports and Information