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Clubs and Organizations


Scholars meet to watch anime movies, discuss the genre, and draw anime characters and scenes. 
Grade Levels: 9-12
Sponsor: Lynn McClain
Leaders: Luzette Fuentes and Elizabeth Gonzales.
Competitions: None
Annual dues or fees: None
Meets: Thursday afternoons from 4:15-5:15


Description: We meet to work on personal projects. Students may want to learn more about a technique medium or style, or they may just want extra time to experiment. This group has made trips to the Dallas Art Museum, the Asian Cultural Center and throws a great Christmas Party! It’s a place to socialize and share ideas about art in our world.
Grade Levels: 9-12
Sponsor: Lynn McClain
Competitions: Art created in the club is often entered in school and city competitions.
Annual dues or fees: None
Meets: Thursday afternoons from 4:15-5:15

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Description: Students learn about the business world and have an opportunity to build their leadership skills through their active involvement. Students have an opportunity to travel to area, state, regional and national conferences.
Grade Levels: 9th-12th
Sponsor: Daniel Blier
Annual dues: $20 (local, state and national dues)
Led by: President Stephanie Barron
Meets: Periodically on Tuesdays or Thursdays after school.  Check hallway outside room 205.2 for next meeting time or listen to the announcements.
Competitions: Area, State and National.  See http://fbla-pbl.org/web/page/589/sectionid/587/pagelevel/2/fbla.asp for more information.

GLU (God LeadsUs)

Description: This club welcomes everyone and existsfor students to openly share their faith in Jesus Christ. During weekly meetings, students lead and participate in Biblical devotionals, host guestspeakers, have faith-based discussions, watch movies, etc. The students thoroughly enjoy this open time of fellowship, prayer and encouragement.
Grade Levels: 6-12
Led by:
Meets: Fridays 4:15-5:15 in Room 206.2
Dues/Fees: No current fees and no affiliations.


Las Mariposas is a division of Girls Scouts that aims to help our girls work on their communication, leadership, learning about healthy living practicing hands-on STEM activities and goal-setting skills.  It is open to girls in grades one through five to help support them academically as well as their self-esteem and their ability to be vital parts of the school community.  Las Mariposas is also working on instilling the importance of a college education and the different fields that women are needed and wanted.  This program is free thanks to donors and the Girls Scouts.  This is our third year participating with Las Mariposas.  Las Mariposas is led by two to three leaders trained by Las Mariposas who help run the activities and lessons.
Grade Levels: 1-5
Sponsors: Ms. Gomez and Las Mariposas
Meets: Every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00 in the Cafeteria or Drama Room
Officer: Director Diana Ayala
Other: This program does have a limited amount of spaces available and is on a first come basis for membership.  Girls who are participating must sign up and fill out the appropriate forms.


Description: Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body; which catapults students into the world of diplomacy and negotiation. In Model UN, students step into the world of diplomacy and negotiation. In Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of UN member states, from Afghanistan to Zimbabweto debate current issues on the organization's vast agenda. The students,better known as "delegates" in Model UN, prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN's rules of procedure-all in the interest of mobilizing" international cooperation" to resolve problems that affect almost every country on Earth. This is an excellent opportunity to build skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, conflict-resolution, research, writing, public speaking, and negotiation. The program also helps scholars develop their IB learner profile and lends itself well to the global-mindedness mission of IB.
Grade Levels: 9-12
Led by:
Sponsor: Dario Ganic


The Science Club is aimed to help our scholars expand their interest in the sciences and to help scholars prepare for the science fair.  They will learn more about the scientific process and the way to set up an experiment.  The goal is to spark a continuous interest in the sciences and to help scholars master the scientific process according to their grade level as they compete in the science fair.
Grade Levels: 3-5
Sponsor: Ms. Gomez
Competitions: Peak Science Fair, Uplift Science Fair in January, Regional Science Fair for Dallas/Fort Worth.
Annual Fees: Just the cost of supplies and materials for the science fair.
Other: Scholars K-2 can participate in the science fair but must bring in their project on their own for judging.  They will not be able to move on to the other science fairs.  Fifth grade will also be doing activities related to class.


Description: Campus student governing organization. Represents voice of the students to the administration, plans homecoming activities, charity and service projects, awareness projects, awards assemblies, and other school-wide student activities. This is an exellent opportunity to enhance leadership skills.
Grade Levels: 9 – 12
Sponsor: Chelsee Cox
Annual dues or fees: None
Meets: Weekly meetings in 101.2 determined by officers and advisor.


TheViolin Club was founded in the 2012-2013 school year. It was open to all 3rdgraders. This year, we started an application process because of the amount ofscholars who wanted to be part of the group. The Dallas Chamber Players provideinstruction and instruments, and the classes are held every Tuesday andThursday from 3:30 until 4:30.

Grade Level: 3rd and 4th
Sponsor:  Dallas Chambers Players and Steven Kincel, Carrie Borne, and Melissa Albrecht.
Annual Dues or fees:  $25 deposit for the violin.
Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Scholars work alongside each other toproduce the Yearbook for the Primary and Secondary schools. Scholarphotographers capture stunning images of school events and scholar life. Staffwriters work to document Peak’s stories. Editors and page designers craftunique layouts. This year, the fourth edition of the Yearbook will be publishedas the Yearbook team works to create tradition and set culture. As a yearlongwork in progress, the Yearbook team works long hours to ensure a qualityproduct is produced.
Grade Level: 9-12
Editor-in-Chief:  Steve Narvaez
Sponsor: Hannah Geiss
Annual Dues or Fees: Free
Meets: Mondays 4:15 – 6:00



Description: Youth & Government is a national program of the YMCA that involves thousands of teens nationwide in state-organized model-government programs. Students from every corner of the U.S. have the opportunity to immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement and to, quite literally, practice democracy. This is an excellent opportunity to build skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, conflict-resolution, research, writing, public speaking, and negotation. It's an excellent opportunity for our scholars to learn by doing and understand the workings of our state democratic government.
Grade Levels: 9-12
Sponsor: Brandon Springer
Competitions: Dallas YMCA District Conference and Texas State Conference
Annual dues or fees: $250 for conference registration (scholarship and fundraising available).
Meets: Seasonally throughout the year to prepare for competitions - heavily in the fall semester.



Last Modified on September 24, 2013
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