A Reminder About Immunization for Scholars Over 18
For our High School Students planning to attend college who are eligible for TVFC (Texas Vaccines For Children)  and are over 18, no longer qualify for free immunizations under the Texas Vaccines for Children. So don't put these off. Check with your Primary Care Physician or Clinic and make sure your scholar is up to date for College. 

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Keep Track of Your Child's Vaccines with ImmTrac


Two moms talking about ImmTrac.



This video provides information for expectant parents and new mothers about the benefits of keeping track of their child’s immunizations through ImmTrac, the Texas immunization registry. It encourages parents to register their newborn in ImmTrac before leaving the hospital.






"Keep track of your child's vaccines with ImmTrac"


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"Mantenga el récord de vacunas de su hijo con ImmTrac"


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Also, we will continue to use HelpCounter to enable you to sign up for volunteer opportunities and to enter your volunteer hours.Please visit: If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Corona, Parent Liaison in the Secondary Office.
La verificación de antecedentes se tiene que procesar cada año para que pueda tener acceso a la escuela. Les pedimos que por favor completen la verificaciónde de antecedentes necesaria para que pueda compartir su tiempo voluntario, ya sea en la Primaria o Secundaria.  Puede obtener su forma en cualquier de las dos oficinas principales, Primaria o Secundaria.  Favor de traer una identificación con foto cuando entregue su forma. Oprima aqui para ver y poder imprimir las formas necesarias.

ambién continuaremos utilizando HelpCounter para facilitarle las oportunidades para voluntariado y para que mantenga el conteode sus horas.  Favor de visitar:  Si tiene cualquier pregunta favor decomunicarse con la Señora Corona, Enlace de Padres en la Oficina de la Secundaria.
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Want to learn more about how to access your scholars grades? Absences? Get txt and email alerts when they are in danger of or failing? Click the link below to learn more about the PowerSchool Parent Portal:

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YMCA After School Program for K-5
Once a child reaches school age, multiple influences enter his or her life. The YMCA After School Program is here to help. This after school at Peak Prep ensures that the time after school is occupied creatively and constructively.  Contact YMCA at White Rock, 214-328-3849,
Last Modified on July 31, 2014