Hampton Prep Employee of the Month 2013-2014


 Hampton High 

 Jeremy Green - AP English

Jeremy Green is a talented teacher, yet he demonstratesleadership among his peers. He demonstrates his leadership by sharing histeaching testimonies and providing feedback and resources on classroommanagement, literacy, and classroom/school culture. His experience positionshim as one of our teacher leaders whovets key initiatives and provides his perspective. Mr. Green is seen as apillar of experience and collaboration among his peers. He offers his feedbackto ensure that his colleagues’ instructional practice is enhanced. Hisleadership voice is strong and his perspective unique.

Hampton Middle

Felicia Wallace


Felicia has been an invaluable addition to the MS team. Sheepitomizes teamwork and is willing to pitch in whenever and wherever she is needed!!

 Hampton Primary

Brittany Smith - Kindergarten


Ms.Smith as a TA before school started stayed on her own time to assist many ofthe teachers prepare their classrooms. “Rising Together” She also took over as Kindergarten teacherthe day before classes started. She hasburned the midnight oil for the past two weeks just making sure that everythingis completed and ready for the scholars the next day. She does this all with a smile and willingnessto do whatever it takes with PRIDE. “TEAM”